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  • It is nice to deal with the Linebet app because of its pleasant design.
  • All bettors can take part in live betting.
  • The app will be suitable for those having Android
  • There are plenty of casino games here on Linebet app

Linebet App for Pleasant Betting Experience

It is rather hard to find an app that will satisfy you in all aspects. That is now possible with the Linebet app . This application is about to please you with plenty of strengths and it is a lot of fun to interact with it. In general, the app is user-friendly and intuitive. Betting there is about a smooth and productive experience which is proved by the Indian participants.


Linebet Application: Overall Info

Linebet is going to make your dreams about winning great sums of cash come true for sure! If it seems like it’s hard to believe, just try to take part in the activities suggested here and you will see how efficient it is.

There are quite a few kinds of sports for betting and the same goes for the number of events to place bets on. Besides, the Linebet app is all about giving you a chance to enjoy plenty of generous rewards.

Linebet has been represented in the gambling market of India for a long time so as you can see, it is rather reasonable to trust this platform. It has managed to draw the attention of plenty of clients and make them far happier than before they downloaded and installed the Linebet app .

There is also one cool aspect that characterizes the Linebet app . The design of the app and the atmosphere you are about to feel there are really pleasant. Besides, here at the Linebet app , you will never come across any kind of rudeness or anything like this. If you need certain help, you will receive it quickly and without any problems. You may read the reviews of the users so as to make sure!

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Pros and Cons of the App

The Linebet app is characterized by certain advantages and disadvantages. If you want to learn more about them, go ahead.

The strengths of the app are as follows:

  1. It is easy to join. First, proceed with the download and setup of the application. Then, you ought to sign up for the resource which is really simple and quick.
  2. You will not have to waste a lot of time trying to find out how to place a bet on the Linebet app . As long as you join the Sports section and opt for the event you would like to bet on, it will be added to the bet slip.
  3. There are plenty of casino games here on Linebet app . You have a chance to switch to them if you are bored with betting or just would like to try something completely new.
  4. It is nice to deal with the Linebet app because of its pleasant design.
  5. The app is going to be ideal for bettors and players from India. You are free to proceed with all payments using an Indian rupee.
  6. The app will be suitable for those having Android ( Linebet apk is what you will be dealing with in this case) and iOS devices.
  7. The chance to win here can be characterized as great and there are plenty of betting markets to deal with.
  8. You have a chance to register at the Linebet app using one of the options that are offered to you. Feel free to select the one that suits you best.
  9. Customer support is going to be provided when it is necessary for you. Access to 24/7 chat is granted to all participants of the platform.
  10. All bettors can take part in live betting.

However, there are certain disadvantages highlighted by the bettors:

  1. The Linebet app is an application that obliges you to follow certain system requirements. This doesn’t apply to the mobile version. So, it is up to you what to select in the end.
  2. If you would like to take part in the activities of the Linebet app , you will have to free some space up on your device.

How to Install the Linebet App? (The Instruction for Android owners)

Linebet apk free download will not make you feel frustrated at all. On the contrary, the process is easy and clear! Follow the short instruction suggested below in order to get acquainted with the peculiarities of going through the procedure without any hardships.

  1. It is vital to enter the official Linebet site. There, you will see the icon of the mobile which will be accompanied by the phrase Mobile applications. Click it .
  2. You will see that the app can be obtained by those who own Android devices. Click on the link that says Download, and the process will start right away.
  3. You should wait for a few minutes before it is over. After this, you will have an opportunity to install the apk file of the Linebet app .

What if you see that you are not able to download the app? This may be connected to such a problem as insufficient memory space in your device. Some users come across obstacles linked to the functionality of their appliances. If this is the case, the issue should be eliminated and only after this, it will be possible to successfully download the Linebet app .

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Linebet.apk Installation: the Basic Info

Now you have an apk file on your device that's located in the downloads folder. Once you enter the folder, you can launch the installation file. Wait for a few minutes, and you will get to enjoy the Linebet app .

Android Gadgets: System Requirements

Primarily, you need to figure out whether your device is suitable for the download and setup of the Linebet app . Ideally, this has to be done in advance before the upload and setup take place.

Well, to make the Linebet app download possible, it is necessary to make sure that your OS Android is 5+. If you meet this requirement, congratulations! Also, check whether you have about 90 MB of free space. Those who do not have that much should clear it up in case they want to enjoy the app on their devices.

Linebet Download on iOS

Before you are able to savor the process of placing bets and winning money, you need to pay enough attention to the procedure of the Linebet app download on your Apple device.

Here is what you ought to know: right now, the users do not have an opportunity to upload the Linebet app right from the official site. It may seem to be inconvenient for many potential bettors but do not worry.There is also a chance to download the same application from a variety of websites that suggest betting resources for Indian participants. This is what you will have to do in order to complete this task.

  1. Open the site you have found (make sure of its reliability first) and search for the title by typing it in.
  2. As soon as you have acquired what you need, press the icon and the download will be initiated.
  3. It will only take a few minutes before the process is over.

Before you head off downloading the Linebet app , double check the credibility of the source you are using. It should have enough reviews from web users who have successfully completed the download before. Be cautions when picking the resource for the download of the Linebet app for iOS.

Installing Linebet on iOS

Those who have downloaded the Linebet app on Apple gadgets must know the following: the permission of the app setup is required. As soon as this is done, the installation will be initiated and will take just a few minutes.

There is a chance to stick to the PC or mobile version which is quite convenient too. You will never regret joining Linebet using such a variant and will also be able to earn as much as you are dreaming of if you are a real expert in betting.

System Requirements for iOS

Apple devices’ version for the Linebet app download must be at least 8.0. As for free memory space, there should be a minimum of 50 MB of it. If you wonder about supported devices, here they are: iPhone 5, 6, 8, and other more modern gadgets; iPad Mini, iPad Air, and other devices.

You are likely to experience some problems with the upload and installation in case there are some major issues with the functioning of the gadget. So, take care of this before the installation.

The Sign-Up in the Linebet App

If the matter of upload and setup of the Linebet app is clear for you right now, it's time to look at the registration on the resource. Have a glance at what the process looks like:

  1. Open the app you already have on your device.
  2. Find the button saying Register and follow it.
  3. You are going to be offered several options for the sign-up. This is what it means. You have a chance to use your email address, phone number, or one of the social networks that are available. It is a great idea to opt for the option that is the most convenient for you. In this case, you will be able to register in the Linebet app quickly and effortlessly.
  4. As soon as you have chosen what variant you are about to use for the sign-up, it is time to enter all data that is going to be required from you.
  5. Do not forget to add the promo code if you have one. It is also important to select a type of welcome bonus. If you intend to participate in sports betting mostly, pick this kind of reward.
  6. Indicate what currency you plan to use on the Linebet app (in most cases, it is the Indian rupee for the bettors from India) and accept the terms and conditions suggested on the resource.
  7. Receive a code that will be sent to you andcomplete the registration process.

After you have registered on the platform, it will be really easy for you to enter it. It is going to be necessary to state such data as ID or email and password and that’s it.

A Welcome Bonus from Linebet

Are you ready to receive the greatest betting rewards in your life? Then, you have found the perfect platform for this. After the Linebet apk download and installation, you register and choose what bonus to get within this process.

If you are interested in betting mostly, opt for the Sports bonus. It will give you a chance to receive a 100% bonus. If casino slots are more down your alley then you may expect to get a welcome package and 150 free spins that can be spent on savoring the best slots ever!

But this is what you should bear in mind. Receiving a welcome bonus is closely linked to the first deposit you are expected to make. So, in other words, the bonus is not going to be granted to you until you do this. Furthermore, there are certain conditions connected with every type of bonus presented in the Linebet app . A welcome bonus is no exception. For instance, if you want to enjoy all kinds of bets and win even more with the help of the entrance reward, you should proceed with the sum of the deposit that is indicated in the rules. Not to worry: it is only 1 INR here!

Apart from the welcome bonus, the Linebet app platform is also eager to offer you plenty of other rewards. Be ready to face them all on your journey to become a true winner.

linebet bonus

Payment Variants in the Linebet Mobile App

Payment options are the matter that interests the majority of the potential bettors. So, here at the Linebet app , you are free to select from the following payment options:

  1. VISA.
  2. MasterCard.
  3. ecoPayz.
  4. WebMoney.
  5. Bitcoin (yep, the resource is that modern and it can suggest you pay in crypto too).

Well, those thinking about what payment option to use should consider convenience for themselves first of all.

Now, the depositing on the Linebet app will be described in a more detailed way. The smallest deposit you can make is the same speaking of all the options. There are no service charges and the funds will be credited to your account balance as soon as you are done with the depositing process. Crypto is also one of the choices that you may opt for if you’re used to it. You can not only deposit in Bitcoin but also in plenty of other cryptocurrencies too (Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.)

The minimum amount you have a chance to cash out is the same regardless of the option you select to deal with. There are no service charges either. The time of transferring the funds is about 15 minutes. Certainly, you may have to wait longer till cash arrives. If this is the case and you’ve waited longer than two days, seek assistance in the 24/7 chat.

If you feel like you’re having any kind of trouble with depositing or withdrawing, feel free to reach customer support of the Linebet app . Its representatives will be very polite and will explain all the details in the most thorough way.

Linebet Sports Bets

Those who have completed the Linebet download wonder how to exactly place their bets. Well, for instance, you are already in your personal account. What’s next? Follow the sequence of detailed steps.

  1. Make the first deposit at the Linebet app . If you don’t have enough experience in betting, you should start with a small sum.
  2. Enter the Sports section and see what kinds of sports are given there. There are quite a few of them. You have a chance to enjoy betting on cricket, football, basketball, American football, eSports, and much more.
  3. Decide what you want to bet on and click it.
  4. You will get to see the events available for betting. The odds are offered in the table.
  5. Carefully study all the info and select the event and odds for betting at the Linebet app .
  6. Add your choice to the bet slip.
  7. Confirm and wait for the results!

This is what betting is going to look like in the Linebet app . If you have any trouble with betting details and settings, there is nothing wrong with it. The representatives of the team will help you in a fast and effective manner.

linebet sports

There are national and worldwide events for you to bet in in the Linebet app . There is also a bets constructor if you want to use it as well as betting on UFC and politics. The Linebet app has prepared a lot of cool stuff for all to enjoy.

Line Bonus

The line is an enumeration of the betting events you have a chance to take part in. As for the bonuses that you can receive when making bets at the Linebet app , they are very different. You should choose what you prefer. The best tip to stick to is to use all of them at once to increase your chances of winning a lot of cash

The first one to mention here is the Accumulator of the day. In order to take advantage of the reward, you ought to select a bet from the number of accumulators that are offered by the team of the Linebet app on the sports events. Furthermore, there is an Advance bet. It suits those having some unsettled bets in their accounts.

The Linebet app resource has done its best in order to offer you 100% bet insurance. You can insure your bet fully or partially. Apart from all of this, here is what you may savor:

  1. A bonus for a series of losses at the Linebet app . This is done in order to uplift you a bit in case you do not experience enough luck.
  2. VIP and weekly cashback.
  3. Other cool promos that are linked to betting on sports events.

Note that the founders of the Linebet app and the platform in general suggest certain conditions for using every kind of reward. It is advisable to study them thoroughly in order to make sure you know what to expect.

Now it’s time for you to download and install the Linebet app!

Try to join the application today and see how much you can win. Rest assured, you will have the smoothest experience. In case of having any issues, you can always expect to receive proper help from customer support. Assistance will be as accurate and effective as you can imagine.

By the way, you can also try to join the site from the PC or a mobile version.


  • How long has Linebet been working in India?

    Linebet is a brand that has been represented in the market for Indian participants since 2018. During this period, the app and the site named Linebet managed to earn immense popularity among Indian bettors and players.

  • How to download the Linebet.apk app free of charge?

    It is extremely easy. Just enter the official site of Linebet and visit the section named Mobile applications. There, you will find the option for Android. The download will be very fast and free!

  • What does the installation of Linebet on Android look like?

    The user who has uploaded the apk file should follow the Downloads section of the phone and acquire the file there. Then, it is advisable to click on it and launch it. The installation of the Linebet app will begin.

  • How to place a sports bet in Linebet?

    First of all, it is important to register and log in to the Linebet app . Once this is done, feel free to proceed with making the first deposit (it may be greater than the size of your future bet) and follow the Sports section. Choose the event, the odds, and add it to the bet slip at the Linebet app . Then, you will have to confirm it.

  • What bonus does a new player of Linebet receive?

    It is a welcome bonus of the Linebet app . But note that it will be granted to you only when you make the primary deposit. The value of the reward is 100%.